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LOLSumo is your personal Real-Time-Coach for League of Legends

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Kick-ass Guides, Real-Time Crafted

LOLSumo is the one-in-all solution for a better League of Legends experience.
From team to opponents and builds to skill orders, we provide you with valuable insights that will open your path to glory.
Quick and concise. Everything at your fingertips.

  • Tresh
  • Draven
  • Nautilus
  • Karthus
And his crew


Best performing build vs Talon and his crew

  • First buy build order item 1 05:28
  • build order item 2 2
  • build order item 3
  • First back build order item 4 09:59
  • build order item 5
  • build order item 6
  • build order item 7
  • Road to glory build order item 8 2 10:02
  • build order item 9 2
  • build order item 10
  • build order item 12 12:28
  • build order item 13 2
  • build order item 14
  • build order item 15 16:28
  • build order item 16 2
  • build order item 17
  • build order item 18
  • build order item 19 17:28
  • build order item 20
  • build order item 21

Big Data = Deep Impact

At LOLSumo everything is huge, not just our burritos. Our database stores millions of game events every single day, allowing us to provide you with the best insights for your next match.

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640.000 unique guides crafted analyse by sensAI

Before Mastery, There is Knowledge

LOLSumo shows you crucial information about your team and your opponents.
Who to watch out for? Who is experienced? Who is on a hot streak? And even more…
Utilize this knowledge to gain the advantage and win!

  • Caitlyn: My win ratio is greater than 65% catlyn Gold IV
  • Annie: This is my favorite champ annie Gold IV
  • YOU you Silver I
  • Karma: I’m on my promotion series karma Silver I
  • Olaf: I’m on a hot streak olaf Silver I

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